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New Updates!


I thought I'd provide an update to the website. The first update I would like to announce are the improvements to the Ultimate CSR CLI tool. I added more functionality. It can now:

- Create private keys and also create them in different formats (PKCS1,PKCS8, OpenSSH)
- Define more key algorithms (RSA2048,RSA4096,SECP256R1,SECP384R1,SECP521R1,SECP256K1)
- Define more hash algorithms(SHA224,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512,SHA3_224,SHA3_256,SHA3_384,SHA3_512)
- Define more Extended Key Usages and Distinguished names
- Define Custom OIDs for Extended Key Usage and Subjects
- Added more parameters like verbosity and modes

Here is the link to the Github Repository:

I also added some more artwork (Not AI generated). I hope you enjoy :)
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(Mobile Wallpaper)